Humans Are Nomads Humans Are Nomads

Task ideas

Do you have family or relatives who left to live abroad? Why they did, how did they feel? Mark in a map the place, find out, how much travelling to the location costs, how expensive is the living there, what are (were) the jobs that immigrants usually do.

Prepare an analysis and presentation of that place.

Grades 5-8

  1. Pick one case in history when there was a huge instance of population movement. What caused the migration? Try to scale down your chosen historical event to an individual case. Research (or imagine if there are no available resources!) about a family or an individual that chose/were forced to move abroad. What obsticles did they have to go through? What were the reasons and consequences to their personal lives due to the migration?
  2. Find out how the different political parties in your country view the issue of immigration.

Grades 9-12