Can Viruses Be Our Friends? Can Viruses Be Our Friends?

Task ideas

Research and create a visualisation of the journey that virus has to travel to reach us. Where does it originate from? What means does it employ to reach us? How do we manage to catch it?

Grades 5-8

  1. Imagine that you work for a pharmaceutical company trying to create a new drug or vaccine designed to stop the virus. Create a nuanced timeline of what stages does the product need to go through in order to reach the patient. What do you need to be aware during the research and development as well dissemination stages?
  2. In 1854 there was a cholera outbreak on Broad Street in London. A scientist called John Snow was called in to investigate how and why cholera propagated in that street, and from where. Imagine that you are John Snow.
    What steps would you take to start your research? How does your train of thought compare to John Snow’s research?

Grades 9-12